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    “I’m SOOOO glad to finally have that horrible shower door replaced!” one of our customers recently said as we were putting the final touches on her new bathroom, built exactly to her specifications. As you can imagine, we did far more than simply replace a nagging shower door.

    • We provided design services and expertise (architectural services available)
    • We Completely gutted the original space,
    • We replaced her aging pipes
    • We built in a tile shower with glass walls and doors and premium Kohler fixtures.
    • We installed an expanded vanity with granite countertops and a custom sink with brushed chrome faucets.
    • We moved her toilet (and pipes) to a more desirable position into a toilet room (something that had bugged her husband for years) and
    • We finished the job off with marble tile floors and custom paint.

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    So why was the shower door so prominent in her mental picture of the job? 

    Shower Remodeling Contractors

    It’s simple, really. We’ve found over the scores of bathroom remodeling installations we’ve performed for our Boston area clients that it’s the little things – Expanding the shower to add more upscale options, the cabinet door that doesn’t open fully because it hits the side of the commode; the shower door that, because the original contractor or builder either rushed the job or settled for materials that weren’t designed well, doesn’t quite seal and leaks water onto the bathroom floor, the cracking tile or chipped tub – it’s these things that really get under your skin. It’s the “little” things that you most look forward to replacing. But when it comes to an area of your home that touches your life every day, what is “little”, really?

    We Love Improving the lives of our Boston area Customers!

    What makes our job so satisfying is bringing relief from these “little things” that have bugged you for years, and providing all the beauty of premium components that give you the vision you see in your home. We also take great pride in providing peace of mind of knowing that they’re going to last. Because of our insistence on using only premium materials and highly skilled, professional installers, that “reveal moment” when we’re able to walk you through your new living space is something we really look forward to at SOS Home Services. We truly do love delivering the bathroom space you’ve always dreamed of.

    It’s true that, when you think about remodeling, you often think of remodeling your bathroom (or maybe you’ve been dreaming of it) If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve lived for years with a Master Bath or Guest Bath that just has not been quite right. Sometimes it’s that you didn’t have enough room, the tub was too small or the shower didn’t really fit the bathroom or wasn’t really effective. You’ve desired a more upscale design or features. If it’s been bugging you, why not let us fix it for you and give you the bathroom you’ve always wanted?

    Master Bathroom Remodeling

    You understand how important it is to have a bathroom that fits your lifestyle in your home, and this is especially true of your Master Bathroom. The Master Bathroom is where you spend a good amount of your time. If you’re the parents or the owner of the home, whether it’s an oversized shower, dressing or grooming area or toilet room, it’s vital that this room in your home is as comfortable, beautiful and as highly functional as possible. We can’t emphasize this enough:

    Shower Remodeling Contractors in Marlborough, MA

    This level of comfort and function combines Professional Design input, Premium Components and Materials with experienced installers.

    Premium appliances, Premium fixtures, premium materials, and above all else professional and premium installation. 

    SOS Home Services strives to not only meet, but insists on all of those qualifications. We insist on premium materials and our highly skilled, highly professional installation teams will make sure that you get the master bathroom of your dreams. Whether it’s a multi-head oversized shower a modern high-profile sink, a bowl sink, brushed chrome fixtures, indirect lighting or simply granite or quartz countertops, we have the experience and the dedication to make sure that you get the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

    Importance of Updated and Remodeled Master Bath when Selling

    Your Master Bathroom is a critical piece of the home value portion of reselling your home. Directly affected by the quality of your master bathroom, not to mention the other bathrooms in your home, resale value is all about comfort and an assessment of what work will need to be done to bring the house to current trends. If you neglect the Master Bathroom or even the guest bath in the home remodeling process in your Boston area home, you could leave sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on the table at the time of sale.

    Professional Real Estate agents who know the area well verify that the bathrooms in a home must be of as high a quality as possible to enhance the value and make sure you get every dollar out of your home at resale as possible. As we keep saying, premium components are a must if you’re going to remodel your bathroom for resale of your home. Of course, the first value of a premium bathroom remodel is that you get as much comfort and satisfaction from your investment as possible. It’s important that you receive as much enjoyment and comfort out of your bathroom as you can and our installation and customer service ensure this will be true for you. Our customers love us, and you will too!

    Porcelain Plank Tile (“that tile that looks like wood”) in YOUR Bathroom?

    Bathroom Floor Remodel

    One of the most exciting developments in recent history of bathroom remodeling is the advent of porcelain tile or porcelain wood plank. This tile has all the beauty and softening effects of a premium hardwood floor without the fear of damage by water. Everyone knows that water damages hardwood floors and this is why you never install hardwood floors in a master bathroom or guest bathroom in your home. Even a small amount of water left for a relatively brief time can cause damage that must be repaired and refinished by a professional.

    Porcelain Wood Plank changes all of that. Because water does not damage porcelain wood plank tile, you can have all the beauty of wood with none of the fear. We’ve installed porcelain hard wood plank tile in numerous homes in the Boston area, and our clients love it! When you’re having your home assessment meeting, you can ask one of our friendly professionals for more information and pick exactly the right porcelain wooden plank product for your home.

    Bathroom Floor Remodeling ContractorsOf course we can get any type of tile for your bathroom as well, which many of our homeowner customers choose. If you’re like many of our customers, you may prefer travertine, marble, granite, porcelain or ceramic tile in the bathroom and we’ve installed all of theses to our customers exact specifications with 100% customer satisfaction.

    Marble, Granite or Quartz Countertops in your Bathroom Remodel? Yes!

    Granite and Quartz Countertops are both popular options to upgrade your bathroom. For a beautiful remodeling project we can suggest and help you choose the most beautiful choice for you. You can check our reviews and testimonials from our Boston area clients on Houzz, and Angie’s List, along with pictures both on this page and on the review sites that will show you exactly what we mean by classic beauty and premium materials. Our advisors and interior designers have decades of experience serving local homeowners by recommending exactly the right combination of modern and classic looks, and we can’t wait to deliver your dream bathroom!

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