• Interior Painting

    Selecting the right Interior Painting Contractor and paint color for your home, can be tedious and difficult. That is why SOS Home Services Interior Painting Contractors in the Boston, MA area gives you the ability to look at two of the most popular painting company’s color tools. Regardless if it is the entire home, or simply a spare bedroom, our professional interior painters can help you not only find the right color, but use our professional painting system to give your home a beautiful new look. One of the biggest parts of interior house painting is the preparation If these steps aren’t followed properly, mishaps will occur. Our professional interior painters learn early that the key to a successful interior paint job is the preparation. Properly preparing a room for painting allows for easy clean up and a more professional look in the end.


    Our Interior Painting Preperation Process Includes:

    • All areas not to be painted are covered, taped, or relocated
    • Glossy surfaces are sanded
    • Separations are siliconized or caulked and wall imperfections are properly spackled and sanded to a smooth finish
    • Complete Interior Renovations
    • All furniture and accessories are placed back in their original positions


    1. Set up

    Moving heavy items – furniture placed in center of each room, covered utilizing new plastic sheeting.

    Protect wood floors, special protectors are used.

    Protect carpet and vinyl using new drop cloth.

    Protect counter tops, cabinets and railing.

    2. Prepare

    Specific to the customers outlined project scope.

    Mold and algae removal.

    Cob web removal.

    Voids, holes, imperfections and cracks will be filled utilizing premium mediums.

    3. Apply

    All joints receive siliconized caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating behind wood

    Oil primer is applied to all bare wood before the top coat, improving adhesion and helping to block out cedar bleed

    Save up to $500 on your exterior painting job. If you are looking for an exterior residential or comercial painting contractor company, please call us today at (508) 305-2656.

    4. Cleaning

    Furniture and accessories are placed to original positions

    Floors are swept and vacuumed

    All project tools, equipments and trash is removed from site

    Final inspection walk through