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    Licensed Roofing Contractor in Marlborough, MABy far, the number one roofing contractors from Marlborough MA, covering over commercial and residential steep-sloped roofs. Developed over a century ago, the more common paper based asphalt shingle has come far; giving way to a more durable and affordable fiberglass reinforced and recycled rubber shingles. When it is time to replace your roof, you’ll have to decide if you are going to strip the existing roof or go over it with another layer of shingles. We highly recommend stripping the roof, as it allows for full inspection of the deck surface (plywood or planks), transition points, skylights, chimneys or any other areas that may be prone to leaking.

    SOS Home Services is the best in class exterior remodeling contractor company in Marlborough MA. We offers exterior remodeling services to Massachusetts homeowners. We take pride in our work and have assembled a team of qualified professionals to take on any size exterior remodeling project, from installing siding to designing and building an addition. We will invest the time to educate you on your options and keep you informed during every step of the project. By adhering to strict timelines and efficient building practices, we are able to complete your project in the most efficient manner possible, allowing you full accessibility to your home as quickly as possible. Below is a brief overview of some of the services that we offer. If you have additional questions or would like to receive a free in-home estimate please contact us.

    Rubber Roofing

    Local Roofer in Marlborough, MARubber roofing has become more popular today due to it’s recyclable qualities. It’s a great alternative to conventional wood roofing as it is far more durable and flexible. With changing weather conditions during the seasons, rubber roofing acts as a strong barrier to the elements. Rubber roofs are also a top choice when considering a material to use with a flat roof as other materials often witness leaks over time.There are two types of rubber roofing; whole roof and shingled.Whole roof systems use a single piece of seamless rubber to cover the entire roof. A shingled system is similar to other shingling layouts on steep roofs as rubber shingles are layered to provide a barrier between the home and the outdoors. Although being potentially more expensive, rubber roofs last longer than traditional asphalt or slate roofs and carry longer warranties.